Botsidia is an asteroid belt in the far corner of the universe. It hosts a technological population fed by the energy emitted by the crystals on the asteroids in it.


Asteroids in the Botsidia asteroid belt have dense crystal resources on them. On top of the asteroids, population who derive their energy from these crystals live.


There are different crystals on the asteroids in the Botsidia asteroid belt. All of these crystals have their own unique properties. These features are reflected in the ring that receives its energies from these crystals.


Asteroidbots are robots that live on asteroids in the Botsidia asteroid belt. Asteroidbots get their energy from crystals in the asteroid they live in. These crystals give them unique properties. In addition, each asteroidbot has its own unique character.


For the first time in a long time, a war broke out in the Botsidia asteroid belt that spread to all asteroids. From each asteroid, a representative asteroidbot was chosen for the peace council. Join the adventure by collecting these asteroidbots.

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ASTEROIDBOTS are collectible NFTs on WAX blockchain.

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